This story is from a young woman struggling with lust and masturbation.

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Well, sure, we do struggle with fantasizing our Prince Charming walking with us on a sunset beach, but “no” we do not struggle with physical lust. I’m not trying to downplay the disasters of living in a fantasy world which Satan would love to distract us from living in the real world with our Savior, but I’ve come to realize that there are women who struggle with this physical aspect of lust.

It has been difficult to find the support needed for women because we are to be “pure vessels” holy and chaste.

I feel that, as much as the guys do struggle with their sin, other men understand partly because God did create men and women differently.

As for the women, I know that there is help for those who are sexually active with a partner or for those who have become pregnant.

I’ve had a good family and eventually my whole immediate family have changed from simply church-goers to believers.

My parents were pretty watchful of me in making sure that I was not exposed to anything pornographic when I was young.

However, the world still crept into my mind when I was visiting my non-believing relatives’ homes and found pornographic magazines and “how to” books.

I’m not sure how support groups have come to help in those issues, but it may be that support groups go as far as helping with the consequences and even the initial motivations like lack of love, security, intimacy or companionship.

Of course by the grace of God that He promised us that in Philippians : Jesus will be our ultimate source of friendship, intimacy, protection, and love.