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These few sites are popular with wide network and provide match making services in Korea.

Korean women always prefer Korean men as they are cautious in culture.

Korean women of late 20’s and 30’s prefer western men as they are considered as aunties in Korea. Few sites of Japan are My-Qpit, Match Alarm, Omiai, Frigg, Pairs, etc, are accepted among Japanese people.

Dating sites in Japan are not famous among Japanese as they are not thought as positive one.

People must have known Japanese language to survive in these dating sites.

Even though dating sites are not popular in Korea and Japan, there are some best sites providing match making services.

Best dating site in Korea are Koreancupid, UBlove, Korean Friend Finder, etc.

In western culture, dating is different as anyone can make relationship with anyone and break it up anytime if anyone is not comfortable with the relationship.

But in Korea and Japan people prefer true relationships rather than dates.