(AP) The operators of a now-closed residential treatment center in southwest Virginia have agreed to a $6.85 million settlement with the state and federal governments over alleged substandard psychiatric treatment for adolescents.The Justice Department announced the settlement Wednesday involving the former Keystone Marion Youth Center in Smyth (smith) County.The settlement involves Universal Health Services Inc. Justice officials say the "disturbing allegations" against Universal Health Services and its subsidiaries involved false records and claims to Virginia Medicaid in connection with shoddy care to emotionally troubled youth at the treatment center in Marion.

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The use of the words intensive in describing the mouse phase of this four level system and the fact that the duration is 48 hours.

The descriptions on the site suggest forced fasting as well as constant verbal and possibly physical attacks during this time.

Based on this and the fact that they are owned and operated by Aspen Education Group, a known suspect in the child torture industry, suggests they are to be avoided.

To read survivor accounts of life at Victory Christian Academy, .

On June 9th, 2013, HEAL volunteers found that Austin Sendero Recovery's website was auto-forwarding to the CRC Health corporate website.

Our volunteers also telephoned the facility and found the number did not connect to Austin Sendero Recovery.

Based on this information and the fact that the CRC Health list of open centers for eating disorders does not include Austin Sendero Recovery, we are confident that this program is closed.located in Utah is a confirmedly abusive program.

No word yet on whether or not Oregon Transition Homes (the third arm of the Freer programs) is closing/closed.

It appears to be incorporated into Catherine Freer overall, so, it is likely closed as well.

It is not specifically mentioned in the article linked below as closing, so, we are waiting on final confirmation before moving it here.) in Jay, FL is confirmedly abusive.

It is the sister program of Genesis by the Sea, a program recently closed down in Mexico for gross human rights violations of the children in their care.