It is an independent, non-profit corporation whose board of directors, nonetheless, is controlled by representatives from 16 diocese of the Catholic Church.It’s episcopal liaison is Bishop Martin Holley of the Archdiocese of Washington DC.

It had been signed by Himmler (pictured right) himself and was dated to commemorate the Night of the Long Knives, when Hitler purged a section of his own paramilitary which he considered to be challenging his authority.

There’s a guy you’ve never heard of who runs an organization you’ve never heard of but it is likely because of him that the Catholic Church has not taken a stand against the radicalization of the Girl Scouts and now the Boy Scouts.

Robert Mc Carty is the Executive Director of the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry.

It should be understood that Mc Carty’s group is closely connected to, if not officially part of, the Catholic Church.

First and foremost, he gets the policy change wrong.

The Boy Scouts never kept out boys with a homosexual inclination.

It was only “open and avowed” homosexuality that was forbidden under Scout rules and practice.

On the ring is a huge swastika that is supported by other swastikas and swords.

The piece is crowned by a large ruby and mounted in a silver globe which rests on an elaborate foot, also with a swastika.