Or more rather, only every single male in the leaf village was consumed in light, and in their place were now females.Confused, Naruto took a quick search around the village, and found that no males were around at all.

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A good distance away, he found no one following him, but saw Hinata in the distance looking around the area where he had just been.

Naruto guessed maybe she had been given a mission to find the old lady’s cat again, so ignored any other distractions.

It was then at an instince that Naruto felt a great wave of energy go through everything around him, and then certain people were consumed in flashes of light.

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I decided to do this idea for a Naruto/Harem rather than my original of just a regular CRA fic.

*] [*WARNINGS: Sex, multiple wives, Incest, Hinata Bashing, etc.----------------------------------------------------------------------- Woman, woman, and more woman. ” said Naruto to himself as he looked out across the village from the rooftops while having an illusion jutsu on him to avoid being seen.

About an hour ago he had been on his way to meet with Sakura at a restaurant for their date, when he had the feeling that he was being followed.

He turned back and found no one, but kept his guard up.

About a few more streets of walking, and he was sure someone was following him.