By Rolf Benirschke The true story of an NFL star’s battle with ulcerative colitis, ostomy surgery and hepatitis C.By Rolf Benirschke Follow-up to Rolf’s Great Comebacks from Ostomy Surgery and his autobiography Alive & Kicking By Barbara Barrie Candid and informative account of surviving colon cancer and living with a colostomy.Helpful guide for people facing life-altering surgery.

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By Brenda Elsagher A compilation of stories of over 80 people who all have ostomy in common in some form or another. White Covers practical and emotional aspects and provides psychological adjustment advice that doctors, surgeons and nurses may not give.

By Brenda Elsagher Medical stories of humor and inspiration. By Brenda Elsagher People with ostomies that share dealing with dating, intimacy, sex and caregiving. By Mike Florak Personal account of Crohn’s disease and subsequent ostomy surgery.

Describes author’s spiritual victory over Crohn’s disease and depression.

And fellow Crohn's sufferer Jessica Grossman is adopting the same body confidence tacti through her popular blopg.

Jessica, from Ontario in Canada, was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when she was eight years old.

Jessica’s childhood was spent in and out of hospital, with overpowering medications and extreme diets as she battled the illness.

“Eventually, I turned 13 and found myself still extremely sick, in an immense amount of pain, and not getting any better.

By Janet Mc Niven Greater Seattle Ostomy ASG I am a colostomate and I have read all of these books and always suggest these titles to new ostomates who I speak with.

They are all available on A Resource Guide for Ostomy Patients and Those Who Share Their Lives By Elizabeth and Phillip Prosser (June 1, 2008) By Barbara Dorr Mullen and Kerry Anne Mc Ginn, RN, BSN, OCN By Barbara Kupfer, Kathy Foley-Bolch, Michelle Fallon Kasouf and W.