Forged steel crankshafts, and cast iron main bearing support girdles became standard with the 3VZ-FE.

If only I could count the amount of times we were set up and about to film, only to be delayed by a last second shit break. But lucky for you (and me) I don’t ever film anyone taking a dump. But I did just put together an all new behind the scenes video I call “CTP CAM,” that does include a nice story about how Kurt Mullican shit his pants recently on his way to come film some new episodes…. If poo’s not your thing there is plenty of footage of us training, trying out some bro-sesh stuff… Not that we don’t do that on the show, but this takes it to another level.

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The family introduced many changes for Toyota, including various EFI, ECU, and engine improvements from generation to generation.

The VZ was Toyota's response to the Nissan VG engine.

The low angle DOHC cylinder heads excel in low-mid torque and power, making the VZ well-suited for various uses in cars, trucks, and SUVs.The blocks are all strongly made using cast iron with large interconnected main bearing cradles and two bolt main bearing caps.Selfishly, we just got a really cool trophy in the mail direct from You Tube for being one of the few channels to reach 100,000 subscribers. Sleep easy at night knowing I’ll use this trophy on my mantle as my sole ability to show off to any ladies I bring over. But I’m already over it and want that bigger gold trophy they give for reaching a million. I’ll keep cranking out the free content, if you’ll help a brother out. Plus if you’re subscribed you’ll usually know earlier than everyone else when new stuff comes out. The Toyota VZ engine family is a series of V6 gasoline piston engines ranging from 2.0L to 3.4L in displacement and both SOHC and DOHC configurations.