I feel uncomfortable, and he refuses to stop talking to her, insisting they are “just friends”. My boyfriend and I met, sparks flew, and things got serious very fast.

She has been in eight celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each.

Miley Cyrus is currently engaged to Liam Hemsworth.

She has been in 18 celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each.

My boyfriend insists on staying friends with a girl with whom he is attracted to, and who has point blank invited him to have sex with her.

They were very close in the pictures – hugging each other, her behind him with hands on his waist as he leaned against a car, him picking her up and dipping her, etc.

I got very upset about how inappropriate I felt this was, and he yelled at me, insisting that they were not flirting (which they clearly were).I told him that I didn’t like him being friends with her because I felt it was not 100% platonic, to which he responded that they were “just friends” and I shouldn’t tell him who to be friends with.My problem is, it doesn’t feel like they are just friends, given that after their dinner together he wanted to see her again alone, and seeing the pictures she sent him that showed a lot of heavy flirting.He also admitted later that she had offered to have sex with him that night, to which he declined.He felt that admitting this to me should prove trustworthiness.I feel like it’s extremely inappropriate to be friends with someone of the opposite sex who is clearly after more than just friendship.