Ramya Kannan: That is because there is no visible policing. Nikhil: Males should be educated, fast track and harsh punishments should be applied to these kind of people. There are also incidents where overzealous, eager to help attutude has caused more harm to the victim that trained professionals ..

On Friday, news emerged of the cold-blooded murder of five women — four of them under 30 — in the city, which is considered among the more safer places to stay in India. Nirmala: If suburban train stations are so badly protected, the MRTS stations are worse! Obviously, we should be more vigilant and also report and co-operate with the authorities. Nirmala: Are CCTV cameras in public places a feasible option?

Ramya Kannan, Chief of Bureau, Tamil Nadu; and correspondent Vivek Narayan who's covering the issue. People are not interested in someone else's problem.

What are the specific steps (if any) taken by the State govt. Ramya Kannan: CCTVS in public places is a definite deterrent. CCTVs were supposed to be provided as part of the Nirbhaya Fund.

In today's world, parents and children don't spend enough time together to understand the needs and issues. S: We need to introspect and ask ourselves why women feel unsafe in public spaces.

Sure, CCTVs and better policing can help deter some and help in investigating and prosecuting the perpetrators. Reportedly they were waiting for some teams and did not want to disturb the crime spot. Benny Pandian: What is the action plan from Tamilnadu Government and Police?

But the solution is empowerment of women and sensitisation of men (and women) to gender issues. Guest: Someone mentioned about leaving the body (if one can say so) ASIS.

Guest: The question is not about city becoming safe or unsafe..problem is people are no more afraid of law!!! People are no longer afraid of the law, for a reason. The reason is simple, not to tamper the crime scene.

Nungambakkam rlway station, for instance, did not have a CCTV unit. Uneducated and unemployed youth are getting restless.

The growth need to be shifted back to our villages. Ramya Kannan: While i'm for encouraging rural growth and employment opportunities, I aslo believe that we need to pay attention to the here and now... S: I would think that the falling gender ratio is symptom of the larger problem.

And crime is not committed by uneducated and unemployed persons alone. Aanandraj: Some of the instances could have been averted had the victims preempted the trouble and alerted their parents or friends in a timely manner.

This leads to the discussion about the deteriorating moral values.