No parent ever wants to imagine their teen having an abortion.

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Once you’ve driven safely for 1 year the passenger and nighttime driving restrictions expire, but the other violations will apply until you’re 18. No, the intermediate driver license automatically becomes a regular driver license.

How do police enforce the intermediate license laws?

They enforce them as a “secondary action.” This means that if a teen driver is stopped for a traffic offense, the officer can cite the driver for any violations of intermediate license restrictions.

If I have a drug or alcohol–related offense or Minor in Possession (MIP), can I get my intermediate license?

While no state requires parental consent for contraception, many states require parental consent for abortion.

Abortion laws vary greatly from state to state, however.

Most laws have special provisions for teens who experience medical problems and for those who have become pregnant as a result of incest or sexual abuse.

If you’d like a copy of your collision report, contact the Washington State Patrol records division at 360.570.2355.

No, you’ll have to wait until you’re 18 if you’re convicted of any of the following while you have an instruction permit: If I have a license from another state, do the intermediate license laws apply to me? A teen with a valid out–of–state license must get an intermediate WA license and meet all the same requirements.