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Burnell Taylor Eliminated as 'Idol' Judges Avoid Save (Again)Following the show, Billboard chatted with Taylor who explained that he's excited to return to his hometown because "he's got work to do." He also mentioned that he plans to take Keith Urban's comments about him occasionally being "a bit pitchy" to heart as he works to further his career and that he would love to work with big names like Frank Ocean and Rihanna.

Did you have an idea that you were going home tonight? And it was basically God giving me a sign so that I could be prepared. You went out on two highs tonight -- Nicki actually came out to say goodbye and you kissed Amber... I just wanted to let all them know that I love them, and they all capable of killing it.

I did what I was supposed to do, I sung my song, and hopefully, someone will reach out to me.

Randy Jackson delivered the bad news, telling Ryan Seacrest, "Unfortunately, Ryan, we're not going to use the save. But, Iovine had Lazaro, not Burnell, picked to go home.

However the resilient Arbos was a surprise member of the week's top three vote-getters, along with Angie Miller and Kree Harrison.

What did you think of Thursday's "Idol" results show? The page that you are looking for doesn’t exist on this website. Many people have said so and now it's looking more and more true as another male is voted of the show.Burnell Taylor, the 19-year-old Louisiana native who lost 40 pounds between his audition was voted off on Thursday night (4 April) from American Idol, becoming the 4th male voted out in four weeks.With Burnell exiting the competition, he leaves Lazaro Arbos as the only male contestant on the show.Burnell was in the bottom two along with country singer Janelle Arthur. We love you." Burnell was one of mentor Jimmy Iovine' 2 picks to be in the bottom, along with Lazaro.