Welcome to the official website of «Happy Life», the international marriage agency.«Happy Life» - your trusted personal matchmaker, can help you to fulfill your dream of creating a happy family.

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There are many qualified persons remain single as they have not meet the loved one - a soul mate.

Nowadays, matchmakers have helped many single persons to find happiness.

«Happy Life» is collaborating with reputable marriage agencies in different cities of Russia ranging from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, where you have highly skilled professionals to help and support you in achieving the main goal - finding the life time soul mate to create a happy future.

The motto of «Happy Life» is «The serious approach for a serious relationship». All our customer profiles are real people who visit our office and, provide the proof of identity (including marital status), and pay for the services of a professional matchmaker.

Prior to signing the matchmaking contract, we have a personal conversation with the potential client to identify the person’s needs and understand the person’s core personality traits.

A tailored plan is developed by our experienced matchmakers.

Our goal focuses on the end result: to match compatible persons with whom they enjoy a happy long-term relationship.

We carefully screen the potential candidates to filter out fraudsters and gold diggers.

«Happy Life» offers other comprehensive services to its customers.

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