The main mode of the game has you choose and interact with one of the characters.As you move through scenes she will ask you questions and based on your response the game will progress in several ways, many times culminating in an erotic encounter.

In order to do so, you need to configure which mouse is going to be your right one, and which one the left one.

You can find those options in the launcher, custom settings, third pane.

Many forum users have reported problems with Logitech mouse devices.

A hacked launcher provided in the forums like the English Launcher 1.0B can resolve this kind of trouble.

If you have a webcam, you can control the camera with your head, at least in first person view.

If you are not using the webcam, you can use the CTRL button and use the mouse like in previous Illusion's games.

Moving the camera is needed if you do not want to miss any details, in both first person and third person view.

In 1st person view, the mouse controls for the camera are: If you have two mouse devices, you can optionally use both in the game.

The other prerequisite is that both mice to be used must have their specific drivers installed and both mice must be visible under the pointing devices node in the device manager. This has been tested to work under Windows XP and 7 Professional.