You can read excerpts of Steinberg’s books The End of Free Love and Hydroplane on the Fiction Collective website.After perusing her profile there I asked about the reviews’ emphasis on her hybrid style of writing.I wondered if this label-defiant voice was intentionally genre-overlapping and/or used to achieve specific emotional atmospheres and idiosyncratic spaces.

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I often use the word “obsessive” (the nicer word is “focused”) to describe the narrators in my work, and I would say that their obsessions and ways of dealing with them are directly related to being female.

As we know, it can be an impossible social and cultural role, femaleness, and I’m fascinated by the performance of it—in my work and in my life.

But it’s not enough for me to tell a story about fragmentation; I like for the forms of my stories both to reflect and to create the narrators’ fragmented, frustrated states.

I definitely don’t see my work as poetry or inter-genre within the world of literature—it’s fiction—though it has been called poetry often enough.

I’m no fan of this, in large part because a) I read a lot of poetry, b) my work would actually be bad poetry, and c) calling my work poetry suggests that fiction is supposed to be this one thing – “realism,” narrowly defined and linearly presented.

My work grows out of a visual arts background, and I blame/credit this, as well as my own inability to tell a linear narrative, for the work’s “hybridity,” by which I mean its concerns with language and form.

I inquired about the simultaneous “monomania” of topic alongside a splintering of language in Steinberg’s work as I wanted to know if the fragmentation of thoughts and cultural details ultimately mirrored her sense of the woman’s experience today.

- by jojo lazar Susan Steinberg is reading this Friday at WILLA’s off-site AWP event, WILLA goes live!

An evening of Burlesque, Literature and Roller Derby.

I had the privilege of corresponding with her for this “blogterview” in honor of AWP week; I hope it piques all of you kind WILLA fans/followers/readers’ interest.

This Friday is going to showcase a range of voices, so let me introduce you to reader Susan Steinberg.