Doesn’t it siphon a ton of energy and enthusiasm out of your day?

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One thing that I have firmly come to believe is that a critical component to our success and happiness is the health of our relationships—not just intimate relationships but all the different types of relationships in our lives.

Think about it for a moment: When you are in conflict with a significant other, friend, parent, sister, co-worker, etc., doesn’t it consume a majority of your energy and mental clarity?

Once they are achieved, we can thrive on a whole different level, with greater success and happiness in all aspects of life.

Think back to the days when you first started dating someone or discovered a new friend you really enjoyed spending time with.

Now think about all the effort you would make to engage in that relationship, the amount of time you would invest, the thoughtful little gestures you would do, essentially in the hopes to “win that person over” as a loyal addition to your life.

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