The nation got behind her campaign to be freed in 1998 - so much so, that despite her being a fictional character, former Prime Minister Tony Blair said he would help to get her freed from prison.Moreover, the tabloids gave out 'Free Deirdre' stickers and T-shirts.After a passionate tryst with factory owner and Ken's nemesis Mike Baldwin, Deirdre went back to her trusty long-term lover, Barlow.

It's fair to say that Ken Barlow was Deirdre's knight in shining armour in the love stakes and for their first wedding in 1981, a massive 24million viewers tuned in to watch them walk down the aisle.

In 2005, they wed again with 9million viewers tuning in this time.

However, the second nuptials were marred with tragedy after her former husband, Ray Langton passed away at the reception, which was of course held at the Rovers Return.

Deirdre might not have won Ken over with her prowess in the kitchen but she certainly did her best, cooking her signature dish of stuffed marrow for guests and family alike - despite the fact that nobody liked it.

Her food went down as well as her efforts at pottery, after she started attending classes and giving her creations as gifts.

The 'Weatherfield One' was perhaps most famed for her love of oversized glasses - however, the iconic lenses were broken once and for all, during an incident in the local shop, in which they were snapped, never to be worn again.

Deirdre faced a humiliating blow in 2010, when a tart was thrown in her face by Gail Platt.

Ken 1 - Mike 0’, which caused the crowd to erupt with cheers.

In 1987, Deirdre proved herself as a strong independent woman, when she quit her job at the corner shop and stood against Alf Roberts as an Independent candidate and won by seven votes.

Alf had a heart attack, causing his wife, Audrey Roberts to accuse Deirdre of attempted murder, but Ken wasn't too happy with the amount of time she was spending away from home - and when she went to a conference in Bournemouth, he angered her by writing a newspaper article criticising her for her use of taxpayers money.

In 2001, Deirdre got between the sheets for a steamy rendezvous with her boss, Dev Alahan, but alas, the next day, he made it quite clear that he doesn't want to be romantically involved and they keep their fling between them - until he starts dating her daughter, Tracy.