This 800w head has the flexibility, hi-fi transparent sound, and great design -- in a portable package -- that you would expect from Jeff Genzler...• 800w @ 4ohms • 6.25 lbs.

Of course, it's also great for carrying preamps, cables, tuners, extra strings, and all of your other random gear.

SPECIAL OFFER: Until the end of August, add it to any order totaling $250 or more, and the price of the gig bag drops to $20!

Jeff Genzler is breaking ground again, with these fabulous bass cabinets with a wide soundstage, thanks to his innovative use of line arrays.

1x12 and 2x10 models available• 1x12: 350w 8ohms • 2x10: 500w 8ohms The wizard who brought you those great sounding amps (with a similar name) is back!

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For a Limited Time - get an amazing Traditional Bass Upgrade kit for FREE with the purchase of a standard model NXT bass!

This package, worth well over 0, provides the "Traditional String Set" that I've long advocated for a more realistic "upright bass tone," as well as the lightweight and durable Hipshot US-made Ultralight tuning key set, which is a recommended upgrade for any NXT that has the stock tuners.