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You're the first person from outside the ship I've had contact with in... I'm *Mute, AI in charge of the Mugunghwa's security operations! But why don't you tell me a bit about yourself anyway!

I mean, the Pale Bride could understand computers too, and she was a psychopath...

Guess I'm not really going to find out more with that line of questioning, though. Hm, okay, what else is important that I can ask in binary questions...

well, I thought it would be easier to just pretend to be the log keeping program, rather than explain the whole situation.

I figured out what you were actually looking for at the very start.

Let's stop by for one last chat before we switch over to the terminal. Admin mode has been enabled, and we even have the password. I think it's been flagged so that only humans can... Can I get you to drop to the console and take a look? Let's fulfill *Hyun-ae's request, then check out our new companion. If you look at the top, you'll notice that *Hyun-ae's big secret was right in front of us from the very beginning. If you've been reading along carefully, you do, too. The answer is here: And now that we know the Pale Bride's birth name... Technically, from here, I can download the logs and leave at any time, but the story of the Mugunghwa has got my attention. Okay, sorry, I'm just taking an inventory of systems right now... Logs are basically saying that nothing has happened since I went offline, except the ship's slowly losing power, and the main reactor has seen better days.