Q: How large do you see the Russian online dating market? Together with html version, we are developing and building applications for i OS and Android. A: We would be happy to work in other markets as well such as Europe or America.

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We are working in this direction at the moment and recently we have developed the application for “Vkontakte.ru” network.

A: We see the tendency of Internet users migrating to social networks.

Petersburg, where Love Planet was actually founded. Q: Do you use Facebook connect for increasing conversions?

A: Mamba and Love Planet annual revenue is ~ 1 Billion rubles ($31M). A: ~20% of our total revenue, and is constantly rising. Q: For the Russian speaking residents where are the market opportunities for growth? However, it's a challenge since business models differ greatly.

The major part of payments is done via SMS service now.

Mediamir specializes in promotion of internet sites and other entertainment products. You can also pay with Sberbank or with a wire transfer. A: To pay for our services you can use practically any payment system working with Russian market: credit cards, “Qiwi” terminals. Q: How many payment systems does Love Planet accept?(For Lviv dating, use the Another option is to explore free Russian dating sites.These sites are not marriage agencies, but free Lviv, Ukraine personals.Several of the most popular free Russian-Ukrainian dating sites are listed below.