During term breaks we run special events like intensives, workshops, personal practice programmes (PPPs) and retreats.Intensives allow for the consolidation of learning, PPPs support students in the establishment of their own home practice and retreats offer people the opportunity to surrender to the yoga process in a peaceful and supportive environment.All classes are taken by skilled and dedicated practitioners, and there is a high level of support from all teachers.

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They’re too scared to admit they are gay, the theory has been.

That theory holds up until a gay man or a lesbian dates a person who sleeps with a person of the opposite sex.

In many of those cases, the gay person finally understands that bisexuality is real, and the bisexual person then gets clobbered.

Intimate partner violence toward bisexuals is higher than in any other sexual minority group.

The Yoga Nook is a BKS Iyengar yoga school in the inner-west Sydney hub of Dulwich Hill.

The school was started in 2002 by Linda Apps, after she served an apprenticeship with her teacher Peter Thomson.

The school runs a number of classes from Beginners to Intermediate Level seven days a week.

We operate on a term basis, with 4 terms roughly coinciding with NSW school terms.

Now, with gays reaching a level of equality that even some liberals (or at least most conservatives) argue has reached the status of “non-issue,” bisexuals are more marginalized than ever.

A long-held notion that sexuality is binary – you’re either gay or straight – has been further cemented.

Bisexuals experience as many doubters as they ever have.