If you are thinking about Cooking With Herbs, you’ve made a smart and tasty decision.Using Fresh Herbs In Cooking is a delightful way to cook and eat healthy, deliciously, and aromatically.

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Any type of food with personal meaning to the person eating it could be considered Comfort Food, but many people associate "Comfort Food" with Southern Cooking.

These Traditional Southern Recipes usually include sugars, carbohydrates, and fats, often all together. If you aim to please some hungry tummies, small or big, Comfort Foods will always please. Usually deep-fried fish dipped in tartar sauce, it is tasty but defeats the nutritional purpose of eating fish.

One of the ways to add some flavor and moisture to fish without jeopardizing its taste or its nutrients is to cook it with wine.

You can add wine to the pan while the fish is simmering, poach the fish over a saucepan of boiling wine, or drizzle fish with a tablespoon or two of wine and bake it in a foil package.• Wine is a great ingredient in marinades.

Wine is one of the basic ingredients which has acid and its property is to help tenderize the outside of the meat, as well as to bring out more the dish flavor.

The wine-based marinade helps to keep meat, poultry, or seafood juicy while it cooks, too.• Wine has been of great help to cook and simmer foods.

Add wine to dishes you're cooking in a skillet on the stove, in a slow cooker, or in the oven.

Are you unsure about what herbs to use and what food to use them with?

To help you get the most out of your cooking with herbs, here’s a list of the best herbs available and what foods to use them with: Common Comfort Foods = Old Family Favorites, plain and simple.

There are so many types of Comfort Foods that we all grew up on; most of them bring back pleasant memories.

To this day we still use these Favorite Family Recipes from years ago to share with our own new family and friends. Because they and tried and true to satisfy any tummy.