Prior to being elected mayor, Ryan served on the city's Common Council for three years as District Two's alderperson, and operated Ryan Oil, which operated BP service stations in the county before the sale of those stations to Quality State Oil in mid-2007.Ryan and State Representative Terry Van Akkeren challenged incumbent Juan Perez in the 2009 mayoral election.Ryan ran as a critic of Sheboygan's "political environment".

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(Boston Globr) Bob Ryan's thougts on Le Bron James' cramps and looks back 30 years ago to the famous Celtics-Lakers heat game played at the Boston Garden.

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Carmen Electra, earlier Playboy model has declared that she supposes Simon Cowell is ‘very charming and awesome.

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An equal rights officer with the Department of Workforce Development who investigated the complaint found Payne's allegations of sexual harassment credible, recommending a formal hearing before an administrative law judge.

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