The new footage shows the date and time of the day on the bottom of the screen.Just over three minutes and a half minutes elapse from the moment when the car first appears in the screen, at just before 3.48am on July 2, until it finally speeds off between 3.51 and 3.52am.

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The vehicle then reappears and stops at the place where the two men are, before driving forward slightly. A few moments later, a struggle appears to ensue - ending in the group quickly getting into the car, which then speeds off through a set of traffic lights.

The Abu Khdeir family shared the video - which is believed not to have been seen by police - with The Telegraph and other media organisations on Thursday.

Israeli police have removed two other pieces of CCTV footage which relatives say shows Mohammed's abduction from different angles.

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While images in the film are indistinct, the Abu Khdeir family say they provide vital evidence of his abduction before his body was found burned in a Jerusalem forest in what they believe was a revenge killing by Right-wing Israelis in retribution for the abduction and murder of three Jewish teenagers, suspected to be the work of Palestinian militants.

The video - shot from a camera inside a shop across the street from where Mohammed is believed to have been sitting - shows what appears to be a light coloured car drive past a row of shops in the Shuafat neigbourhood.

Although his outline is hard to determine in the video, the teenager's relatives say he is sitting on the steps outside one shop.

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