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I don't know what it actually returned, because I don't have set -x in that script.

How do I know that that statement didn't work as expected?

It's because in the script there is an if statement based on the above mentioned doing some calculations.

It didn't reach that part, because no calculations were done.

Due to the daylight saving time, 24 hours ago can be today or the day before yesterday.

When you want to change your script without using the GNU-date, use the following trick: You are sure that yesterday is 20 or 30 hours ago.

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So far it's worked flawlessly for 5 months, until last night, when it didn't worked properly.

Usually it runs at AM server time, but last night something strange happened, and the only reason it wouldn't have worked is because of Hi, it did not work properly as in it didn't return the expected value.